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About Us


ChigosAutos24 provides a unique car buying exprience to the customers across the globe.One that focuses on constomers satisfaction first.Our goal is to provide the customers with an Enjoyable honest services.
We also believe it is important to have a quality sound techinical cars at low cost and will be back each vehichles with a 30 days limited warrant.

Building trust between a car dealer and its customers is vital to a successful sales strategy. This should be clear in the business plan, where funders look to see the feasibility of the company once it is launched. Earning customer trust is important because of the bad reputation, deserved or not, for car salespeople to try to take advantage of customers and because of the high amount of stress which the purchase of a large item like a car causes for buyers.
These are best ways to build that trust in your customers over time.

Chigosinternational is Wien's trusted dealer for new and pre-owned vehicles. Whether it's finding the perfect new car to bring home, or getting the best deal when trading in your current vehicle, chigosinternational will always give you the best deal in town.

Our goal is a satisfied customer. We offer dealership quality at a reasonable price. Your advantage: Our professionally trained staff is here to turn your wish into reality. With years of experience in buying and selling new and used vehicles, we can provide you with the best service. Just choose a car according to your needs, and we do the rest.

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